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His remake of the 2003 South Korean thriller Oldboy is to be released in October.

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It found that 56 of the drugs acquired a black box warning or were withdrawn (16 drugs) from the market

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As communities get more technological and as the things people might want to steal get more interchangeable and harder to identify, it also fails

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Checks should be made out to USDA Forest Service

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When I wrote this article, I figured the built in ducts would have been perfect since they were already embedded within the concrete flooring

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Sandoz, the generics division of Swiss drug maker Novartis, announced the launch of metronidazole 1% topical gel, calling it the first generic version of Galderma Labs' Metrogel

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At best, the once in a lifetime blockbuster discovery of Viagra gave its parent organization about 5 years of market dominance before the competition caught up

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